Mud Sweat and Tears

An explosion in the bisque kiln


For the Multiple Sclerosis and Thompson Valley Potters Guild  Charity Bowls Fundraiser.

Shelves loaded for a sale

Empty Bowls 2015

Every year at Art Market in Calgary, Bruce sits in the foyer and throws bowls for the Airdrie Food Bank. 
His goal is 400 and he almost always makes that target in the 4 days of the show.

The bowls are then glazed by local groups and fired by Greg McRitchie, a local potter. Greg's wife Lori is the manager of the Airdrie Food Bank. 

The bowls are sold at an annual celebration, where Airdrie restaurants donate food and local entertainers donate their time.

In 2015, Greg had a problem with his kiln, so Bruce stepped up and  together we glazed and fired the pots.

Below are some of the results.

The kiln before and after firing


Oops, out of Honey Pots, and pretty low on everything else.

A really good show.

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